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Hex and  Moxon Wire Beam Antennas, Baseplate Kits, Hubs, etc
Fabricates wire beam antennas, baseplate components for Homebrew Hex, Moxon and Spiderbeam

The HexKit Hex Wire Beam baseplate hub has been used in over 700 homebrew Classic Hex Wire
Beams and the G3TXQ Broadband Hex Wire Beam in the past seven years.

Click here to see a Google map of where HexKit baseplates are being used.

The baseplate hub assembly uses proven components.
  • A complete Kit of a Base Plate, Flange, U-Bolts will fit in USPS Flat Rate Box

  • Below are the USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail Box Typical Baseplate Shipping Costs

           United States - $15

         Canada and Mexico - $26

           International Shipping - $44

  • Please email me for any shipping costs that are not in the PayPal shipping calculator.

  • All items are normally stocked and shipped on the same day or next business day.
          I'll notify you if the lead time is longer at the time of order
           You will receive a shipping notification from USPS

  • Pricing is subject change at any time
At the present we recommend that if you are going to build the hex antenna yourself that
you follow the construction guidelines of Leo K4KIO. These guidelines are not
conclusive. Every antenna will be different due to differences in the builders ingenuity
and mechanical capabilities.

All of the wire beam antennas are simple to build and the components are readily
available. It is typically a measure and cut wire/rope operation.

A typical cost to build a five band hex wire beam is less than $300.
Note that the term "hex beam" used on this website does not refer to the Hex-Beam® manufactured by Traffie
Technology of Ashby, MA USA. The term Hex Beam here refers to the (DIY)hombrew hexagon shape wire beam
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